Z5(i) SMOA,  1 Revolution Turret


Z5(i) SMOA

Our Gen.2 Universal fitting turret ring is quick and easy to install without any need for dot ring modifications.

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.25 SMOA turret clicks are indicated on the turret with short lines around the base, .5 SMOA markings are indicated with longer lines, 1 SMOA markings are indicated with a longer line and the number of SMOA above.

1 click = .25 SMOA = 1/4" @ 100yds = 7.2mm @ 100m (see NOTE below)

Each full rotation contains 58 clicks, equivalent to 14.5 SMOA.

With the factory zero stop installed, there are generally 53 clicks available, equivalent to 13.25 SMOA.

To achieve 2 revolutions of the turret the factory zero stop must be removed.  See How to Remove Factory Zero Stop.

It may also be necessary to use a tapered scope base on your action or scope rings that are fitted with offset inserts to get to 2 full revolutions of your turret.

NOTE: According to the specifications on Swarovskioptik.com Z5 Riflescopes are NOT true MOA, 1.047"/100yds they are actually IPHY aka SMOA, 1"/100yds

Our testing has shown that the Z5 range of riflescopes typically dial .975"/100yds or .244"/click

Swarovski Z5(i) 2.4-12x50 BT 

Swarovski Z5(i) 3.5-18x44 BT 

Swarovski Z5(i) 5-25x52 BT 

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