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Even before buying my first Swarovski rifle scope, it was clear that a solution was required to remove the limitations of the three ballistic ring turret system. After making and testing several prototypes, we found a solution. We use a modified ballistic ring as the base for installation. Paired with one of our custom scope turrets, we could offer a variety of different options that would remove these limitations. We could now provide the operator the ability to dial their scope to many more than the four preset distances available with the three ballistic ring system. Whether you choose a stock MOA or MRAD Custom Scope Turret or a Personalised Custom Scope Turret made for your ammunition, you will gain the freedom to shoot at multiple distances.

Mountain Tested In
New Zealand

During our testing program, we found that removing the factory zero stop and mounting the rifle scope and rings on a 20 MOA rail, unleashed the capability of these rifle scopes even further. This finding brought about the need for the two revolution turret series that we have available for all Z5 and Z6(i) BT rifle scopes. Remove the zero stop on your Z5 3.5-18x44 mountain hunter and mount it on a 20 MOA rail, match that with a Z5-MOA-58-2REV Custom Scope Turret and you will now increase your dial-up from 13.25 MOA to 29 MOA of elevation adjustment. Do the same with your Z6(i) 3-18x50, match that up with a Z6-MRAD-58-2REV Custom Scope Turret and you will go from 5.3 MRAD to 11.6 MRAD of elevation adjustment.