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How easy is it to install my Custom Scope Turret?

It is extremely easy to install your Custom Scope Turret, you only require the Swarovski turret cap removing tool and a file or knife for removing the dot projection from one of the ballistic rings that came on your BT rifle scope. It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete the installation.

Hi I have a Z5 and I am looking for a MOA turret .What is the difference between the 50 and 58 click rotation?

The Z5 is a 58 click per revolution MOA based scope so please look under the Z5 category for compatible Custom Scope Turrets. Different models of Swarovski scopes have different numbers of clicks per revolution. Z3 have 46 clicks per revolution, Z5 have 58 clicks per revolution, Z6(i) have both 50 and 58 clicks per revolution dependent on what scope model it is.

I have a Z6 3-18x50. I’d like a custom turret please. Can you let me know what info you need to set one up for me?

Please find the rifle scope model you have in OUR PRODUCTS select the PERSONALISED-CUSTOM option and fill out the required information in the data chart below, the more information you can provide, the more accurate your turret will be. For the most accurate turret we recommend that you upload your ballistic drop chart that you have tested on the range once you are at the check out.

Hi does the turret allow a Z5 to be rotated more than one revolution? Or is it the same as the coloured rings and limited to one revolution? Thanks

The turret and/or the coloured rings do not restrict the scope to one revolution of elevation adjustment, it is the factory installed zero stop that reduces the scope elevation travel to 5 clicks less than one full revolution. By simply removing the factory zero stop you will gain access to much more elevation adjustment. If you mount your scope rings on a 20 MOA rail and match that with a Z5-MOA-58-2REV Custom Scope Turret and you will now increase your dial up from 13.25 MOA to at least 29 MOA of elevation adjustment.

So will the single MOA ring replace the stack of 3 rings on my Z5 BT and leave me with a straight MOA turret with about 13.5 mins of elevation with the zero stop?

A Z5-MOA-58-1REV Custom Scope Turret will replace the stack of three rings (although you will need to use one of these rings as a base for the installation) and will leave you with 13.25 MOA of elevation travel if you leave the factory zero stop in place.

Hi I have a Z5 3.5-18x44 P BT scope with alloy dot rings I am interested in an Option 2 Personalised Custom Scope Turret but my scope seems to have 53 clicks... confused?

The Z5 3.5-18x44 P BT is a 58 click per revolution MOA based scope, the factory installed zero stop reduces the scope elevation travel to 5 clicks less than one full revolution. When you subtract these 5 clicks from the total 58 clicks required for one full revolution of the turret you end up with the 53 clicks of adjustment you are seeing.

Hi there. I am looking at getting a new Z5, but concerned by the limited elevation dial up (one full turn). Do your turrets overcome this to some extent? It appears you can go more than one? But you would lose any zero stop... Is this correct?

With all of the Swarovski Z3, Z5 & Z6(i) riflescopes that have the factory zero stop installed you are actually limited to 5 clicks less than one full revolution of elevation travel. Yes, you are correct, to get more than one full revolution you do need to remove the factory zero stop. It is a very quick and simple procedure that not only offers the ability to dial more than 1 complete revolution up but it also allows the ability to dial down for more precision at shooting distances less than rifle zero. eg. For 100m target or varmint shooting I will dial my 200m zero Z6 on my .308 7 clicks down = .7 MRAD

HOT TIP: For management and confidence in your Swarovski rifle scope with the factory zero stop removed it is recommended that after zeroing the scope you count the number of clicks either below or above rifle zero to fully reach the bottom or top of the scope elevation adjustment. Record this number and direction on the side of your magazine or inside your floor plate and you will always have a reference to know how to get back to rifle zero should you ever be unsure in the future.

Hi I’ve got a Z5 and I always shoot Hornady Precision Hunter ELD-X 162s through a 7mm Rem Mag with a 26 inch proof carbon barrel but don’t know exact muzzle velocities. I’m interested in getting a Personalised Custom Turret made. How do I go about figuring out the proper data. Cheers

If you do not have access to a chronograph to measure your muzzle velocity it is not the end of the world. What we have done in the past is use the estimated velocities from the ammunition box to create a rough ballistic chart. We will then go to our shooting range and check that our rifle zero is correct, once confirmed we will shoot out to a range of 500-600 m/yds dialing up from what our rough ballistic chart says. Continue to dial the scope up or down until you get your group centered on the target at your chosen range. Record this data in MRAD or MOA and then use this as a correction factor in your ballistic app. From here you can continue to shoot out to further distances to validate the chart is correct. We have had great results doing this using GeoBallistics BallisticsARC. If you do not have a ballistics app that has this ability, you can send the tested dial up data through to us after placing your order and we can do this for you.